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Register an asset without using IIoTs

Registering your assets will help you keep good records of your operations in PYM.

In this article, you’ll learn how to register a machine in PYM without connecting it with an IIoT.

Before you start

Here are some things to do before you begin this process.

  • You have created an account in PYM.
  • Make sure you are familiar with assets in PYM, as well as Service levels.
  • If the maintenance service provider or machine end-user are a third party, register them as Vendors or Customers.
  • If you wish to connect your preventive maintenance, register an asset with IIoT instead.

Register an asset

From the preventive maintenance page in your account, you can register a new asset. To register an asset, follow these steps.
  1. Click the Register an asset link.
    Cursor Clicks - Register an asset link
  2. Select none for the IoT type. register-new-asset-iot-type-example
  3. Enter the machine model and serial number, and select your machine type. register-new-asset-machine-type-example
  4. Select the machine end-user, the maintenance service provider, and the subscription owner. register-new-asset-stakeholders-example
  5. Select whether this machine requires regular inspections. If yes, enter a name for the task and a runtime interval. The calendar interval is optional. register-new-asset-inspection
  6. Click Add a service level to enter the details. register-new-asset-add-service-level-example
  7. Enter a name for the task and a runtime interval. The calendar interval is optional. register-new-asset-service-level-example
  8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 a many times as required.
  9. Click Register new asset to complete the registration. register-new-asset-button-submission
All set! The asset is registered, you can now create and download its QR code for identification, and report the machine runtime.
Register an asset without IIoT