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How to connect an asset using a TELTONIKA TRB141?

The Teltonika TRB141 is a small Industrial LTE Cat 1 Gateway equipped with several Input & Output options including Digital, Relay, Analog and Isolated. Paired with secure and functional UNKNOT’s software package, this device monitors the usage of your asset as well as its condition, and reports directly to your remote monitoring dashboard.

The TRB141 can be used to monitor cycle and uptime, as well as alarm signals and circuit voltage (9-30VDC).


Here are the key things you need before connecting your asset with a TELTONIKA TRB141:

  • Create an account on
  • Order a TRB141 configured with UNKNOT’s software package.
  • You are familiar with electrical concepts and terminology.
  • You have some experience with interpreting electrical diagrams, and you have the electrical diagram of your asset.

Installation of the TRB141

Please visit the manufacturer’s website and download the manual and documentation. The device is supplied from UNKNOT with a sim card and a DIN rail kit.

Power supply

If a 100-240VAC power socket is available, simply use the power cable adapter supplied.

If not, the device requires a 9-30VDC power supply, and you can cut to length the power cable supplied and connect the wires to a 9-30VDC power supply. In this case, we suggest the use of a 24VDC power supply, which is available in most industrial installations.

  • Power: 9-30 VDC positive (+).
  • Ground: negative/ground (-).
  • I/O: programmable input/output pins. Not available with the power cable supplied.

The power consumption is less than 5W.

Input/Output Connector Pinout

UNKNOT’s software package supports 3 digital inputs, 1 analog input, and 2 digital outputs

  • DI1 & DI2 – digital inputs in DRY configuration, meaning the input is high when shorted to ground. DO NOT apply power to those inputs as it would destroy the device and void its warranty.
  • I and  – Isolated input contacts. 0-7.3 V is detected as logical “0”. 7.3-71 V is detected as logical “1” .
  • NC1, C1 & NO1 – Normally Closed, Common and Normally Open contacts of the internal Non-Latching Relay respectively.
  • NC2, C2 & NO2 – Normally Closed, Common and Normally Open contacts of the internal Latching Relay respectively.
  • A – ADC input. Analog voltage range: 0-30 V.

Device configuration

The device is configured from UNKNOT in the asset’s settings section. From there, click the “IoT Device” tab.

You can define your asset’s output signals for each input of the device, this can be a signal to monitor the usage of the asset, or a signal to monitor its condition.

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