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CMMS integration that can improve your maintenance​

CMMS is the acronym for computerised maintenance management system, and its purpose is to facilitate the process of maintenance operations. It helps optimise the utilisation and availability of physical assets like machinery and plant infrastructures.

The technology of CMMSs and your assets evolve at an incredible speed, bringing more complexity into your maintenance operations. Therefore to support this, data has become the largest decision maker, enabling automated and smart organisations.

In order to achieve this, all of your systems must communicate with each other, and it starts with your assets and your CMMS.

How can you harvest your assets data?

Once a preventive maintenance plan is implemented, assets are to be monitored so your CMMS can trigger a preventive maintenance work order with the required service level, at the right time.

There are two options to harvest data:

1st option, the engineers physically carry out recurrent visits to their asset to collect as much data as possible in order to capture operating measurements and any signs of fault.

The problem is that it is time consuming, and any unexpected event such as a big outage is enough to halt data collection for days, pausing maintenance action triggers and putting your assets at risk.

The 2nd option is to build digital bridges between your assets and your CMMS, reducing those risks and improving your performance, but it is usually expensive and complicated. In addition, few companies offer this service.

UNKNOT’s integration builds these bridges for you so you can reap the benefits of automated data harvesting without having to spend significant human and financial resources.

To do this, we simply link your assets to your existing CMMS to collect valuable data on a daily basis. Our differentiation is simple, we use this data to create value! Our customers save an average of 28% of their annual maintenance budget with UNKNOT. How? Your CMMS will now trigger your preventive maintenance based on the use of your assets and report alarms directly in the form of work orders in order to anticipate possible breakdowns. And that is gold!

How does it work?

We offer a range of plug and play IIoT devices that can track real-time usage of your assets and collect/count data such as run time, mileage, cycles, GPS point, speed, pressure and /or temperature…

Our UNKNOT platform also has the ability to directly collect data from your existing sensors, stand-alone machines, PLCs, SCADA systems and smart controllers. Depending on the OEMs we can collect manufacturer alarms and alerts.

This collected data is simply redirected to your CMMS in the form of a request, notification or work order.

For example, a runtime maintenance interval reached (200 hours) or the pressure differential of a filter element has reached a threshold value will trigger a work order in your CMMS.

Unknot integrates assets telematics into CMMSs


Better maintenance planning:

With real-time usage monitoring, preventive work orders are triggered in advance and scheduled for a specific due date.

Increased machine uptime:

Better maintenance means fewer breakdowns and less machine downtime, as the machine spends more time producing.

More productive resources:

Engineers can eliminate the time they spend recording machine readings and performing their daily checks, and spend more time adding value.

air compressor usage for each week

Take your CMMS to the next level with UNKNOT

It is almost impossible to unleash the full potential of a CMMS when it relies on data collected by humans. The IIoT integration in a CMMS releases all the functionalities of the software by connecting your production resources to your maintenance operations. Although IIoT integrations may seem like the project of a lifetime, UNKNOT makes things much easier than it looks. Start collecting data related to issues you know about and use that data to implement a solution with automated triggers. Wherever you are in this transition, we are here to help.

CMMS integration that can improve your maintenance