Industrial IoT

Connect your machines

Using industrial IoT to monitor your machines remotely can improve your business operations.

We can support you to define and harvest the data that will bring you the best value, and we always encourage our customers to start the journey by using machines' built-in sensors to harvest the data, and we offer various solutions to get you going.

  • Runtime monitoring

    Machine usage monitoring is the most essential data to generate your preventive maintenance schedule.

  • Alarms

    Alarms and warnings are very useful for troubleshooting. Whether it's a general alarm or an alarm from a specific sensor, the signals are sent to the cloud for processing and dispatch to the stakeholder(s).

  • Digital twin

    Your machine has a smart controller with a communication port? The data is available for harvesting and there is no need for expensive sensors.

  • Remote control

    Turn a machine ON and OFF, adjust your settings, share the load between your machines, the remote control functions can be triggered to suit your operations.

  • Location

    Locate your assets, set up geofencing and towing options.

Connect your machine now!

Our IIoT device price starts at $299* with all the functionalities embedded in one module:

  • I/O terminals
  • GPS
  • Communication via GSM network

*Communication costs are included in the monthly subscription, visit our pricing page for more information.