Remote monitoring dashboard

A platform to connect maintenance engineers, asset managers, and machines together.

While industrial IoTs harvest the data from your machine, our IoT online platform processes the data into valuable information, which is displayed on the dashboard.

We have pre-defined templates available for your dashboard, and they are fully customisable to suit your operations, whether you need to focus on preventive maintenance, machine utilisation, energy performance, events flagging, and asset tracking.

  • Process improvement

    Real data from process monitoring can help you make decisions to improve your performance. Our dashboard can be customised with your own KPI's and alerts. Reduce operating costs by suppressing down time due to breakdowns

  • Preventive maintenance

    Industrial machines requiring maintenance based on their usage cannot be maintained on time unless machine up-time is monitored. Your machine can be connected within minutes with our device, enabling the display of an up to date preventive maintenance schedule on your dashboard. 

  • Maintenance history

    Maintain all your assets records in one place, available to all stakeholders. Maintenance reports can be added to the service history, keeping your preventive maintenance plan updated.

  • Service levels

    Each machine requires different levels of service with set intervals. You can create as many service levels as necessary for one machine, with a specific description and interval.

  • Real time monitoring and control

    Monitor your machines and receive email or SMS notifications when a pre-defined event occurs. With the remote control function, you can simply turn a machine ON/OFF or set up triggers to make multiple machines work together.

  • Multi tenant

    Whether you are a service provider maintaining multiple plants, or a factory contracting to several service providers, one machine's information is shared between all stakeholders.

  • CMMS & ERP integration

    We are continuously working on new integrations to connect our platform to your systems. Click here for more information about our integrations capabilities.